Old English Game Bantams

In Order by Color Variety

The following are the many different color varieties:

Click on Variety Name to see!
Birchen Cock
Birchen Pullet
Black Cock
Black Hen
Black Breasted Red Cock
Black Breasted Red Hen
Black Tailed Buff Pullet
Black Tailed Buff Cockerel
Blue Cock
Blue Pullet
Blue Quail Cock
Blue Quail Pullet
Blue Red Cock
Blue Red Pullet
Blue Tailed Buff Pullet
Brown Red Cock
Brown Red Hen
Crele Cock
Crele Hen
Ginger Red Cockerel
Ginger Red Pullett
Lemon Blue Cock
Lemon Blue Hen
Quail Hen
Red Pyle Cockerel
Red Pyle Hen
Silver Blue Pullet
Silver Duckwing Cock
Silver Duckwing Hen
Splash Pullet
Spangled Pullet
Spangled Cockerel
Wheaten Cockerel
Wheaten Hen
White Cock
White Pullet
Fawn (Dunn) Duckwing Cock

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