5003 Plastic Game Chick Feeder (single)
This Chick Feeder is specifically designed for game chicks (Quail, Chukar, Pheasant, etc..) and prevents droppings from getting in the feed. The feed gives a shadow effect on the sides of the feeder indicating the feed level. This saves time as a quick glance determines if the feeder requires refilling. Farm research shows that this feeder produces a good even flow of feed and is easily cleaned. Size 12 1/4'' long, 6'' Wide, 5 1/2'' high. Holds 5 lbs. of feed.

5001 Plastic Game Chick Feeder and Waterer (single)
Small chicks such as quail cannot reach the box brooder feed and water troughs until approximately four weeks old. Use this feeder and waterer inside the brooder until the birds are large enough to be switched over to the outside troughs.

4004 Low Pressure Watering System
Super great low pressure watering system makes it easy to automatically water several cages. Starter Kit Contains: 5 Drinkers - 9 / 18 Hose clamps / 25 ft. Tubing / 1 Pressure reducing valve

4308 Low Pressure Poultry Waterer
Complete with Pressure Reducing Valve, 5 feet tubing, ready to screw onto water faucet, adjustable water level, 9" diameter, 4" overall height with bowl height of 2". Gives 28" of watering space.

4317 Automatic Water Trough 18 Inch
Attach to water faucet, turn water on. Plastic float with brass valve maintains constant water level. Made of durable plastic with rotating reel on top to keep birds off. Sits on ground or may be easily mounted on 4" or 6" block, or suspended for larger birds and to keep debris out. Equipped with 4 foot hose, ready to attach to faucet.

4458 Chick Waterer Base & 58oz Plastic Jar
Plastic Water Fount for chicks. Bowl is 3/4" high and has 1/2" wide drinking space to provide adequate water but prevents chicks from drowning. Not necessary to use rocks or marbles as with other waterers. New Large Plastic Jar (short half gallon -58 oz.) Holds large supply of water and will fit in battery brooders.

4476 Gallon Waterer w/ Snap-On Base
Low priced, all plastic gallon waterer for poultry and game birds. Snap on base for quick and easy filling. Snap on base also permits quick and easy cleaning.