GQF TurboFan Kit for Hova-Bator - Item # 2364
Converts any thermal air flow Hova-Bator into a circulated air incubator. Dimensions: 3 3/4'' x 3 3/4'' x 2 1/3'' -110Volt -'Turbofan' can be installed in any square Hova-Bator type incubator and permits you to operate the incubator at one temperature for all types of eggs and for all climate conditions with less close supervision.

GQF Snap Switch 22 Amp. 124/250 Volt - Item # 3006
For light duty. Replacement switch for wafer thermostat equipped Hova-Bator Incubators.

GQF Thermostat Wafer - Item # 3007
Has threaded socket. Used on nearly all electric incubators and brooders, a number of oil brooders and some gas brooders. Wafer only, no switch.

GQF Ajusting Screw & Nut - Item # 3008
Adjusting screw and wing nut for GQF wafer thermostats.

GQF 1765 Clear Plastic Liner for Hova-Bator bottom
An accessory for all model Hova-Bators produced after January 1998. Makes incubator bottoms last longer. Lifts out for easy cleaning.