Digital Temperature Meter - Item # CL18773
Accurate temperature readings to 1.5F. Remote temperature probe to monitor temperature. LCD provides C or F readings from -10F to 140F. Includes power button, mounting suction cups, 39" temperature probe, and replaceable battery. 2-1/4" x 1-1/2".

Digital Temperature & Humidity Meter - Item # K3520E
Digitally measure humidity and temperature levels. Instrument features Celsius and Fahrenheit option and min/max button that displays the minimum and maximum levels. Battery included. Temperature Range: 32-122F with 0.1/0.1F resolution. Humidity Range: 20-99% RH with 1% resolution

Digital Temperature Meter - Item # SPOT100
A very accurate thermometer designed for incubation. Range of 90 to 104F. Many more times accurate than most digital thermometers. It reads to 0.1F with an accuracy of 0.2F. Switchable between F and C. Remote probe on 18" cord fits through ventilation holes of the incubator or brooder for easy reading. Battery life is about 5 weeks in continuous use, but very much longer if switched on just as required. Replacement batteries available at most retail locations.

Analog Temperature Gauge - Item # HB3018
This is the most accurate incubator thermometer available and has approximately a 4' stem which can be inserted in a 5/32' hole to permit reading of temperature from outside of incubator. The 2' dial permits easy and accurate reading of temperature and is graduated in one degree increments from 25 degrees to 125 degrees. Accurate temperature readings to 1.0F.

Bulb Thermometer - Item # HB1825
This great, light weight bulb thermometer is placed directly inside the incubator and near the eggs. Accurate temperature readings to 1.5F.

Plug into any 110 volt electrical outlet. When there is a power failure the electronic pulsating alarm will go off and red LED light will start flashing. If you have chicks or birds that need looking after when electricity goes off this is a must have item! Plug unit in your bedroom to wake you when the electricity goes off. Has a built-in 10 to 15 second delay so that short time power outage will not set the alarm off.